Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring our pets?

  • With special arrangements the bride and groom may bring a special pet to be part of their wedding. No other pets are allowed on the property.

How many guests may stay on the property?

  • As many as you wish! We can accommodate any size wedding or event. Please contact us for more information on special pricing for smaller-than-typical weddings or events, or pricing for larger weddings or events.

Are there hookups for trailers?

  • Sorry, not at this time.

Where do guests camp?

  • Trailers may be parked in our parking area

Are there showers for tent campers?

  • Sorry, not at this time.

Do we need to bring our own drinking water?

  • Yes, you will need to bring your own drinking water. Most of our guests bring a variety of beverages, and we recommend bringing along some water bottles or dispensers, as well. We do provide unfiltered spring water on tap for other uses, general washing up, etc.

Can we have a food truck? Multiple food trucks?

  • Yes! There is plenty of space to park food trucks.

What are the alcohol policies?

  • Alcohol is BYO (Bring Your Own). We are not a winery, so there is no corkage fee. No liquor is allowed on the property. We can allow beer, wine and bubbly only. 
  • There must be a bartender at all times alcohol is being served. 
  • Alcohol may not be served before the ceremony.

How late can the event go?

  • 11:30 p.m.

Can we bring in our own vendors?

  • Yes! We are a BYO (Bring Your Own) venue!

Do you provide set up and clean up?

  • Sorry, we do not provide setup and cleanup at this time. Please review our vendor list for recommendations for event staffing.

Do you have a preferred vendor list?

  • We do provide a list of local vendors that we recommend. These vendors are familiar with our venue and we have enjoyed working with them in the past.

What does a couple do in case of rain?

  • Red Barn Ranch is an outdoor facility. Couples will need to provide their own rain protection, for example by renting an appropriate tent-like structure for ceremonial purposes, in case of rain.

What does the venue require for booking?

You will need to provide us with the following, in order to book your next event:

  • Vendor list and timeline of arrival
  • Proof of vendor Insurance
  • Guest list and headcount
  • 24-hour Special Event Insurance Policy

Can we have open flames?

  • Yes, you may use tea lights as part of your decor, outside.